A Taste of Colorado strives to make the Festival grounds accessible for everyone to ensure our guests will have an enjoyable experience and will want to return the following year. All entrances can accommodate wheelchairs.

All ticket booths, except the Broadway ticket booth nearest to the Library, have an accessible counter. We keep the walkways clear of obstructions, and we have installed temporary ramps to assist guests getting to areas that are not ground level. Click here for a pdf of the accessibility map.

Portable restrooms also are ADA-compliant with accessible ramps.

The Main Stage has a designated area for handicapped seating with an unobstructed stage view. It is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Our other stages do not have a specific area for handicapped; however, the grounds in front of the stages are level, so wheelchair access is possible. Since the stages do attract large crowds, getting to a stage as early as possible pre-performance is recommended.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any Festival staff or volunteers if you have questions or concerns. If they do not have the information to assist you, they will find the appropriate contact and get back to you as soon as possible.

Note: A Taste of Colorado does not have a company onsite to provide wheelchair or scooter rental. However, your personal mobility device is allowed on the grounds. Service animals are also permitted.


Mobility-challenged visitors to A Taste of Colorado have a number of transportation options.


A Taste of Colorado is not a permanent facility; therefore we have no designated public parking for the Festival.

However, drivers have over 30,000 downtown public parking spaces to choose from within a few blocks of the Festival or with quick access to the Festival via the FREE 16th Street MallRide. Handicapped parking is available at all public parking lots, but space is limited. Parking rates will vary depending on lot location.

In addition to handicapped parking available at all public lots, Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) also offers options. Visit for additional information.


All RTD buses, including the Free MallRide, Free MetroRide, and rail vehicles are accessible for mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, electric scooters, segways, walkers, and crutches. Bus and rail operators are trained to assist passengers with disabilities boarding or exiting the vehicle.

FREE 16th Street MallRide buses offering a direct ride to Civic Center Park. The Free MallRide buses travel over a mile on Denver’s 16th Street Mall from Denver Union Station (Wynkoop St.) to Civic Center Park (Broadway St.) and back. It stops at every intersection along the 16th Street Mall and runs daily until 1:30 am. Visit www.rtd-denver for additional information.


Light Rail vehicles are wheelchair accessible. Ramps are located at each station. Wait at the top of the ramp for the train to stop and the operator will help you board and exit the train.

Commuter Rail vehicles are wheelchair accessible with level boardings at every door and mobility device seating areas on every vehicle. Visit for additional information.


Access-a-Ride provides local bus transportation in the Denver metro area for people with disabilities who cannot access the fixed-route bus and rail system. Visit for additional information.


From the City of Denver, Disability Parking. For more information, click here.

A person with a mobility impairment using a valid disability placard or plate, issued to them, may park where there is metered parking without paying, for up to four (4) hours or the amount of time on the meter, whichever is greater. The vehicle must be moved (100 feet from the parking meter space) after the four (4) hours…meters cannot be fed, per local ordinance

A person with a mobility impairment using a valid disability placard or plate, issued to them, may park in Denver City signed time limit zones for up to four (4) hours when parking is allowed. The vehicle must then be moved (per local ordinance).

A person with a mobility impairment using a valid disability placard or plate, issued to them, may not park in areas designated for specific vehicles, e.g., van only (per local ordinance).

Parking privileges DO NOT apply to areas where: a) parking of all vehicles is prohibited; b) only special vehicles may be parked or; c) parking is not allowed during specific periods of the day to allow for heavy traffic. d) street sweeping restrictions. The vehicle using the plate or placard may be ticketed